Our Vision & Mission

Kindred membership provides organizations and their leaders with access to the education, leadership development, and the community of peers they need to be prepared for the increasing demands of stakeholders and to confidently navigate increasingly complex ESG decisions.

Our mission is to build a more equitable society by advancing the actions of today’s leaders.

As business becomes the only trusted global institution, and stakeholders increasingly have greater expectations of corporate leaders, accountability is both the next great disruptor and opportunity for companies and organizations. As leaders are held more accountable, they will need to gain more confidence in their decision-making to transform their businesses as well as their capabilities to withstand every test of accountability. As the stakeholder economy evolves, Kindred provides you with 24/7 access to the support you can count on, when you need it, to help you transform your organization for impact, and meet the needs and expectations of your employees, your shareholders, and the communities you operate within.

Our Team

At Kindred, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive and flexible workplace.

Our team is committed and enthusiastic about building a more equitable society and holds ourselves to the same standards as we do our members.

You can see our Community Guidelines here.

Elyssa Byck
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Ian Schafer
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Green-Vieux
Chief Impact Officer
Racquel Joseph
Chief Experience Officer
Ali Levitan
Chief Growth Officer
Sarah Madden
Chief of Staff
Gabby Malatesta
Head of Member Success
Caitlin Hume
Senior Director of Member Success
Serge Efap
Head of Growth
Liz Kneebone
Senior Director of Programming
Maria Adragna
Global Membership Director
Stephanie Chan
Membership Director
Erick Dominguez
Membership Director
Twafiqa Mohinuddin
Experience Operations Manager
Jessie Miller
Senior ESG Research Analyst
Urey Onuoha
Content Marketing Manager