How the private sector can strengthen democracy, culture, and brand

Corporate Civic Engagement Cannot Wait

Society needs more organizations to invest in an effective corporate civic engagement platform. As each political milestone draws closer, it’s clear that America is facing a crisis of trust in institutions. The private sector has significant power and influence in civic life, but business leaders are hesitant to engage with the political process. There are real risks to developing deeper corporate civic responsibility; but, not supporting our representative democracy is even riskier.

The trend of increased polarization and weakening protections for our democratic process is clear evidence of creeping authoritarianism. It is time for all sectors to step up their efforts—and the “fringe benefits” for culture and business climate make civic engagement an even more worthy investment.

Get started with practices and key next steps from Brandon Peele, founder of Unity Lab, and Sarah Bonk, founder of Business for America. Listen to learn more about integrating civics into your employee engagement strategy. Join the organizations backing our collective commitment to “equality for all.” 

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Scott Amenta

Published on November 08, 2022